Our Team

Sales Staff

Radius Marketing Group’s sales team is dedicated to helping our clients succeed. Each representative is specially trained to help you meet your marketing needs. Our team are experts in the credit challenged market and are well versed in the automotive industry. Our department will work to help you zero in on your market to get the best response. We understand your business needs and are committed to work alongside you. Our goal is to build not just a partnership, but a long lasting professional relationship. Our staff has character, integrity, and professionalism coupled with a fun personality. We have a 90% retention rate among our clients. Our high ambition for our client’s success is our #1 goal and it’s because of your success that makes us your best choice.


The Radius Business Development Center is the best in the automotive industry. We leverage over 30 years of Sales, Marketing and Training experience to provide the best appointment set, show and sold ratios for our clients. Each representative goes through extensive training and has automotive experience. They are appointment experts who reassure credit challenged customers and get them to your showroom. We use a custom CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool built to integrate specifically with the Radius BDC & marketing programs. All leads are contacted within 3 minutes of applying and then retargeted using advanced strategies to drive business months after your initial marketing effort.

Production Team

With over 27 years of combined experience in the Automotive Industry and Lead Generation Business, we have established successful, long term relationships with our clients, anticipating their needs in advance. Alongside our Sales Staff and Business Development Center, Radius Marketing Group’s Production Team is devoted to our clients continued growth and success. Our production professionals are highly skilled and committed to ensure all jobs are handled with the utmost efficiency and precision. Over the past 5 years we have established a valued partnership with our fulfillment house to even better serve your marketing needs.